Board of Directors



Jackie Stewart is a Pickering resident who has long been affiliated with CLAPW. Her qualifications include 37 years at CIBC, which was split between branch banking and managing 4 separate branches. This experience gave Jackie extensive knowledge of accounting, finance, and reading financial statements. She also has an  HR accreditation and transitioned to the roles of Career Councillor, Senior Employee Relations, and Senior Human Resources Consultant while at CIBC on a national basis.  Jackie has extensive governance experience having served on several Boards including CLAPW,  CBPSO, and the  DCC 142 condo association. She brings knowledge of the Developmental Sector and a deep commitment to CLAPW, the individuals served, and their families.



Robert, an Ajax resident, is an Associate Director, Financial Sponsors & Infrastructure with Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets. With seven years of multi-sector experience in equity research and nearly five years of diverse corporate banking experience, Robert will bring a high level of financial acumen to the board of directors and well-honed verbal and written communication skills.  The ability to draw on an engineering background combined with  Robert’s naturally inquisitive disposition results in exceptional research and analytical skills which also are skills highly desired by board members.   



Professionally, Amber's work centers around helping people feel connected to the work they do every day using learning, leadership, and organizational development strategies. As a Learning and Organizational Development Specialist at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, ON, Amber uses these strategies to strengthen employee engagement, drive strategic change, and develop leadership capacity to support the organization in achieving its goals. As an Adult Educator in Durham College's Professional and Part-Time Learning department in Oshawa, ON, Amber facilitates meaningful experiential learning opportunities in an online learning environment for natural and unsuspecting entrepreneurs alike. As a lifelong learner, she has pursued formal education in the fields of Theology, Adult Education, Leadership in Learning, Organizational Development, and Professional Management.
Sandra has over twenty years of legal experience with a strong criminal law background with a focus on mental health. She obtained her law degree in the United States at Case Western Reserve University. Since returning to Canada in 2012, she has obtained extensive experience in administrative tribunals including the Social Security Tribunal, the Ontario Review Tribunal, the Consent and Capacity Tribunal, and Licensing Tribunal. In addition, Sandra has completed and obtained certificates in Administrative Tribunals for York University and Indigenous Studies from the University of Alberta. Sandra believes that all work must be done with compassion and competency.



Sylvia is recently retired from OPG. She has been an active member of the CLAPW Christmas Dance committee and recently organized and coordinated a fundraising yard sale.

Sylvia assists  with the Family as  Partners Support group which meets each month.   She  is the parent of two sons and the proud grandmother of three. Brent, Sylvias youngest son,  is involved in the Community Participation Program at Dowty. With previous volunteer and committee work with The Special Olympics,  Sylvia is a strong advocate for people living with intellectual disabilities.

Sylvia was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and has lived in Pickering for the past 25 years.



Denyse Newton is a recently retired executive who has held various leadership positions, over a period of 25 years, within the social services and healthcare fields.

 Most recently, she retired after serving 9 years as CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region. Currently, Denyse is a consultant to a variety of agencies across Ontario.   Denyse is a strong advocate for persons living with developmental disabilities and has served on Boards and committees advancing the importance of inclusion.

 She has worked hard over the years to ensure that people with disabilities are seen and valued within our society.  She believes strongly in family leadership being vital in shaping the work of agencies supporting those living with a disability.  Denyse lives in Whitby with her husband and is the mother to two amazing young men, one of whom lives with a developmental disability. 



Julia’s real estate clients say what sets Julia apart as a realtor is her ability to listen.  From Julia’s perspective that is among the highest of compliments.

In listening carefully, Julia discovers not only what her clients are able to articulate in terms of their goals, dreams, wants and needs but also the areas where they are less clear and need support, advice, or guidance.  Very similar to the work done at Community Living when you listen carefully to the dreams, desires, goals of the people in support.

Listening to understand and creating an environment of open, honest communication is the start from Julia’s perspective. Add hard work, flexibility, creativity and perseverance to the list and you have what she believes is a winning combination and she is excited to bring her passion and talents to the Board of Directors for Community Living.



Philomina Jose or Phil is an Ajax resident and has graduated with a Philosophy and Political Science undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.

Currently working as a Banking Advisor at RBC branch in Ajax. Phil is a champion for diversity and inclusion. She is looking forward to contributing her communication, finance, and adaptability skills to the CLAPW team to advance inclusion.

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