Families as Partners Support Group

We are taking our Families as Partners meetings virtual!

We held our first meeting in February, when we had someone from the DSO come to talk about Housing. We want to resume these meetings this month, with Kelly Casey, who will speak about exploring options for creating a good life in the community.

With over 30 years of experience in the area of Developmental Services – Kelly is looking to continue supporting agencies and families through the "Transformation" of services in their communities.

The combination of her experience in community development and her formal education in business and social services have provided her with the skills to assist agencies in revising their service delivery models to support the changing needs of their consumers.

In addition, her extensive clinical knowledge in developmental services, dual diagnosis and autism have provided her with the skills to support individuals and families in the development and implementation of their person directed plans and individualized residential models

To join the meeting, please click on this link:

We hope to see you all at our Zoom meeting @ 6:30 on June 23rd!


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